The Great Class of 1984

President's Message -- September, 2016


Greetings ’84 classmates! 

Wherever this letter finds you, I hope you are enjoying the summer and will take a moment to send a brief update to our secretary, Sharon Aucoin. 

Here’s the annual ’84 update reflecting on the past year and what’s next: Last year, classmates gathered for "going back” mini-reunion opportunities at the annual tailgate, Alumni Day, "Academic weekend”, and two conferences – We Flourish: Asian and Asian American Conference, and L’Chaim to Life: Celebrating 100 years of Jewish Life. Thanks to the many classmates who organized, led panels, and participated in those activities. 

’84ers were also "giving back” with a phenomenal Annual Giving performance of $624,143 at a 47.4% participation rate. Thanks to all who find their own way of continuing to be a vital source to sustain the special features that set Princeton apart. 

And, on behalf of our ’84 family, classmates answered the call to bring our dues participation back to 19% although shy $2,700 of breaking even. 

As we ask you again to support ’84 class operations, here is what you can expect in the coming year: 

        • ’84 website – We will be completely revamping the website. We aim to freshen the look and even save on costs under the direction of Stephen Ban. 
        • ’84 Outreach - We want to hear from you and recognize that not all news is good news. As we move further from our days on campus, Valerie Kelly is looking for ways to support each other. If you have ideas or wish to help with this outreach program, please contact her. 

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for the fall "homecoming” tailgate on Saturday, October 22nd, Alumni Day on February 25th, and our 33nd Reunions P-Rade on June 3rd. Additional details to follow. With warmest regards,


Jackie Hata Alexander




Princeton Class of 1984 – Class Dues

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 Fiscal Year Supporters


Thank you! FY16 dues may be paid online at *Princeton University Class of 1984 is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.





Jacquelyne Hata Alexander

Mr. Byron A. Allen, III

Shara L. Aranoff

John H. Armstrong

Gideon Asher

Sharon Elizabeth Aucoin

Stephen P. Ban

Eric M. Bashkoff

William M. Bass

Mark C. Beisler

Edward J. Bell

Leslie A. Blake

Richard A. Brachman

Margaret Soenser Breen

David L. Brodess

Ann Jarkesy Brooks

Roger G. Brooks

Jeffrey A. Brown

Arthur L. Burnett

Mark G. Califano

Ralph J. Cardello

Yen-Chih J. Chen

Nicholas A. Corcoran

Patrick J. Corless, III

Scott O. Corwin

Bonnie L. Crater

Andrew A. Cruikshank

Amy Gordon Cushmaro

Jeff Dalton, Ph.D.

Thomas R. DeNunzio

Mark V. Dowden

Jana Clanton Dowds

Rhett C. Dunaway

Jeffrey L. Ecker

Walter A. Effross

Heather Richards Evans

Richard T. Feiner

Esther R. Ferington

Ralph R. Ferraro

Wade M. Fricke

Victoria Leigh Godfrey

Ruth Kugelmass Gold

Robert J. Greenberg

Leslie G. Gutierrez

J. Michael Haering

Susan Donaldson Haering

Richard L. Hahn

Jim L. Halkett

Bruce Lee Hall

Geoffrey S. Haller

Connor J. Haugh

William B. Haynes

E. Randall Henderson, III

George E. Henschke

Steven J. Heussner

Michelle Harvey Hill

Priscilla S. Hoblitzell

William C. Hwang

Mayumi Ijiri-Offner

Andrew L. Jiranek

Julie Gillette Johns

Michael C. Johnson

Arati K. Johnston

Valerie L. Kelly

John D. Kennedy

Stephen E. Kimmel

Thomas V. Kissinger

Peter A. Knipp

Ellen Kratzer

Johannes C. Kuttner

Karen C. Lam

David R. Lassman

Mark V. Laurenzi

Steven Lev

Gary D. Lewandowski

John D. Lewis

Anne Marie Long (h)

Melissa Friedman Lucas

Anjali Maazel-Tomlinson

Mathew W. MacCumber

Catherine E. Mallette

Anne Lane Martinez

Lawrence T. Martinez

Stuart H. May

Helen Mackay-Smith Mazarakis

Brett C. McCarty

Laurel L. McFarland

Brian R. McGovern

Clifton D. McLellan

John P. McNerney

Lesley Wellman McRae

Franklin P. Mills

Aneil K. Mishra

James H. Moore

Thomas G. Nagorski

Mark J. Newman

Rafael A. Pabon

A. Bradley Parham

Thomas G. Park

Henry E. Payne, IV

Talbot MacCarthy Payne

Stephen E. Pearson

Christine C. Pepe

Lisa Klein Petno

Bertrum T. Pierce, Jr.

Mary Miles Prince (h)

Karen R. Rabinowicz

Claudette M. Reed

Elizabeth G. Regan

Raymond L. Ricci

Mark H. Rinker

Laura Clements Robinson

Thomas R. Robinson

Jean Weinberg Rose

Stephen J. Rosen

Burton R. Rubin

Douglas D. Ryan

Edward T. Ryan

Yoav Segal

Paul A. Sidoti

Gretchen Sierra-Zorita

Michael S. Sklar

Lynn Acker Starr

J. Christian Stauffer

Steven K. Stearns

Hal L. Stern

Thomas P. Takacs

Kurt A. Thompson

Paul A. Tucker

Riccardo E. Valdarchi

Sarah Van Cleve Van Doren

Amelie von Fluegge

Christopher J. Voss

Jeffrey S. Wecker

Jeffrey R. Wells

Prof. Lynn T. White, III (h)

Lawrence Richard Winchester, III

Jose J. Yordan

Kimberly Ann York

Brenda L. Ziegler

David F. Zucker



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