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The ’84 Memorial Fund offers limited financial assistance to Princeton undergraduates in good standing for academic projects.  The fund was originally established as the ’84 Academic Projects Fund and later dedicated with friendship and respect to the memory of ’84 classmates who have passed away.


Requests for assistance should identify projects related to the applicant’s course of study.  Typical requests have been directed towards senior thesis research or senior engineering projects, or Junior Papers.  Awards are limited to $300 and based on the applications received and the number and amounts of awards disbursed in a given year.  Award recipients are asked to provide a brief update or report upon completion of the proposed project.




Application forms are available through the Alumni Council, which will disseminate information regarding the fund to the Department Heads once a year.  Applications are accepted during the fall, with a November 15 deadline. Awards are made by the end of the calendar year.  In some years we are able to take applications in the spring as well, in which case applications are due by March 15, and decisions made by April 15.  The class fund committee reviews applications.   


The application should provide sufficient information on the purpose of the project, its relevancy to the applicant’s course of study, and budget to justify financial assistance.


·         Applicants should have specific research plans - well thought-out and detailed questions to be answered with reasonable plans for obtaining those answers. Evaluation criteria will include the likelihood that the student will achieve what he/she wants and the realism of the person’s budget.  Summer internships and semesters abroad are generally not considered but may be considered when presented with a specific academic project.

·          (Optional) Letters of support or other supporting information.

·         Other factors considered are those that may lend support for or insight to the student such as presentation, extracurricular activities, other funding sources sought/granted, apparent value of research or motivation for project, etc.  Financial need (i.e. being on financial aid) is not a factor, but may be included as part of financial requirements or project budget.

·         To the extent that competing proposals are equal, seniority counts.  (Seniors will get preference over underclassmen.)




The fund was established in 1991 when the class of ’84 set aside $20,000 of its treasury.  The maximum annual funding level of awards is determined by the amount of interest earned and past years’ performance.  Donations directed specifically towards the fund will increase the fund’s base.


The class may transfer money back from its initial and subsequent funding into the class treasury as it deems necessary to conduct class business.


Contact:            Princeton University Class of 1984 Memorial Fund

                        c/o Helen M-S Mazarakis ’84

                        222 N. Mountain Ave.

                        Montclair, NJ 07042

                        (973) 783-4349


To download a copy of the application, please click here.


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